COVID19 Status

Skydive Manitoba’s Current Covid-19 Status

To all Experienced jumpers, student progression and Tandem students and guests:


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Skydive Manitoba is waiting to get the ‘OK’ to be able to start operations again for the 2020 season and we anticipate this to be soon. There is and will be new updated information to follow when visiting Skydive Manitoba. Understandably, we know this may cause some inconveniences for you and we do apologize, however we must all do our part to protect each other. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

We are currently planning on opening the weekend of June 6-7 for training and recurrency jumps for all CoP holders. You MUST have a CoP and a CURRENT CSPA/USPA membership to get in the plane.

We will have put extra safety precautions in place for the safety of our staff and guests. We ask that you familiarize yourself with the new regulations advised by the provincial and federal government. If the COVID-19 pandemic situation changes so will our precautions and updates will be made accordingly.

General Requirements

All persons visiting the dropzone, including staff, jumpers, students, tandem students, and spectators, will be required to wear a mask, buff or nose/mouth barrier at the facilities and in the aircraft. Physical distancing will also be enforced. Please use common sense and respect others.


All jumpers will have to fill out a Health Questionnaire when arriving at Skydive Manitoba. Questionnaires will be reviewed and pre-screening will take place outside of the main office before being able to enter any further onto the property. Staff and regulars will be required to fill out the Health Questionnaire and have their
temperature taken each time they arrive at the dropzone. All information will be kept confidential and will not be outsourced.

We ask that if you are ill or if you have been exposed to anyone who is ill, to avoid coming to the facility. You may reschedule your skydive and come at a later date.

Signage is posted limiting the number of people allowed in enclosed spaces at one time.

Surfaces in all buildings will be sanitized throughout the day. These surfaces will include the aircraft, washrooms, commonly touched surfaces, including door handles, manifest office, and training areas.

Hand sanitizer will be placed in various locations throughout the facility. Wash hands often.

When possible use a clean paper towel to prevent direct contact with shared surfaces including sinks, toilets, light switches, doorknobs, etc.

Maintain a 1 Metre distance from others at the loading area, around the manifest/main office, and elsewhere.

Manifest will have no more than two people inside at one time.

To limit traffic around manifest, experienced jumpers may want to put money on their accounts before coming to the dropzone.

Regrettably at this time, no fist-bumping, high-fiving, hugs or handshaking. Refuse interaction with anyone who appears ill. Should you know someone is onsite and ill, notify management who will escort the person(s) off the dropzone.

Instructors – may refuse to jump with anyone who appears ill and advise management.

Avoid holding items held by others.

Tandem & PFF Student precautions:

Instructors must swab down the touch points of student harnesses using only a water damp (not wet) rag to lightly swab down tandem gear.


Be aware that some sanitizers and disinfecting cleaners may blemish some goggles and full-face helmet lenses. Also, optical coatings on camera lenses and even your mobile phone’s oleophobic screen coating can be permanently damaged by using certain cleaners.

Tandem/PFF Instructors – use a full-face helmet if possible. Or, use a helmet or frap hat along with a facial covering of some sort and wash your hands prior to and after each customer interaction.

Jumpsuits will not be fitted for tandem students, we ask at this time to wear long comfortable pants and suitable clothing for cooler temperatures in freefall i.e. leggings, track pants, no shorts and no sandals or open-toe footwear.

PFF students will be assigned a jumpsuit and helmet for the day. Both are to be handed back in at the end of your jump day for cleaning.

Goggles will be provided to students by the dropzone. Students will keep those goggles and take them with them when they leave the facility.

We ask that students do their best to not touch any gear and allow the instructor to assist with fitting the gear and the removal of the gear. Please be patient with your instructor during the busy times while this is going on.

Please arrive at your appointed time. Do not attempt to enter our facility more than ½ hour prior to your appointment time.

Students only, please leave all belongings in your vehicle or with someone who attended with you. If you came alone, your keys can be dropped off at the main office to be put in a secured locker and can be picked up after your jump.

Please only bring a minimum of spectators to watch you jump – there will be a sectioned area for spectators that will have a limited space. It is advised at this time that no pets or small children accompany you for your visit.

Media packages and jump certificates will be mailed to the Tandem students and no longer given after the jump as per our usual procedures during this time.

Aircraft Procedures

When you hear your call, be geared up and ready to board at the loading area.

Face coverings are always required in the plane and loading area. Full-face helmets with lenses are STRONGLY recommended.

Make sure your face covering/mask is not a risk of migrating in freefall and obstructing
your vision, especially when wearing a closed-face helmet.

Only speak in the airplane if absolutely necessary.


No amount of care or caution can assure your protection. The Covid-19 pandemic is new to us all. We have followed the government’s precautions along with the Canadian Sport Parachute Association’s recommendations the best that we can to protect your health but make no guarantees or representations. You must take your own precautions. Nothing is more important to us at Skydive Manitoba than knowing our jumpers, family, and staff, trust that their safety is always our top priority. We cannot watch everyone, so it is all our responsibilities to abide by these new procedures.

Keep in mind what we do and why we do it. We all love skydiving and what it gives us. In time we are optimistically hoping to return to near normal. In the meantime, we must take additional measures for everyone’s safety and comfort when visiting us.

We look forward to seeing you all soon,

The Skydive Manitoba Team