Prices are subject to tax.

Tandem Jump: 9000ft$289   Tandem Skydive in Manitoba
Tandem ($50 deposit required)$289
Tandem Video$99
Extra Altitude to 10,000ft$25
Tandem Group Discount Over 6 People$269 per person
Group of 11+ Organizer is free

First Jump Course (FJC) + 3000ft first jump:$269    First Jump Course in Manitoba
FJC Group DiscountAdditional $10 off for every 3 people! Up to $30 off
group of 3-5$259 each
group of 6-8$249 each
group of 9+$239 each
group of 12+ organizer is free
Subsequent Student Jumps*$99
First Jump Video$99
* Prices Include rental for ALL gear and Jump Master fee. Completion of FJC required, bring your log book!
Progressive Freefall Course (PFF) available$call for more details

CoP* Holder Rates:
3000 ft$21
4000 ft$25
5000 ft$29
9000+ ft$34
10 Jump Pack$330
20 Jump Pack$650
Gear Rental (per jump)$30
2 day weekend gear rental$150
Coach 2 Jump / No Rental Gear$85
* Certificate of Proficiency (Solo, A, B, C, D)

Prices are subject to tax.

Weekday Jumps Available by Appointment.

Gift Certificates Available.